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We’ll help you navigate mobile migration.

We know as fundraising professionals working in today’s technological landscape that we cannot ignore the ever-changing communications channels donors are using. Cornerstone sees many donations come through our online donation systems from Smartphones. We’re working with fundraisers across North America to help them figure out where mobile should fit into their planning.

Step 1: We start by providing you with your mobile profile

Cornerstone can help you figure out who your mobile audience already is. Most fundraisers are surprised to find out that the proportion of mobile visitors on their websites is over 20%. In some cases this figure approaches 50%!

When thinking about mobile, some fundraisers think of the younger generation. But young people aren’t the only demographic using these new tools. For many fundraisers most mobile donations come from Tablets rather than Smartphones, suggesting an older demographic.

Example Of Key Questions You Can Answer with a Cornerstone Mobile Profile:
  • What portion of my website visitors are already mobile?
  • Should I focus more on my Tablet visitors or my Smartphone visitors?
  • How fast is my mobile audience growing compared to my non-mobile audience?
  • Where does most of my mobile traffic come from?
  • Are there particular parts of my website I should attend to for my mobile audience?
Step 2: We help you create a mobile plan 

We’ll use your mobile profile as a starting point, and work with you to create a mobile plan that matches your budget reality as well as considers your other digital initiatives. We’ll help you answer questions such as:
  • What should my mobile fundraising targets be for 2014?
  • How do I compare with other fundraising teams in my sector?
  • How much should I spend on mobile versus Desktop in the next 24 months?
Step 3: We create mobile solutions that fit your plan

At Cornerstone we walk the talk when it comes to mobile. Our team can deploy a variety of mobile solutions including:
  • Mobile-ready email: our email solutions are industry-grade and mobile-ready.
  • Mobile landing-pages: why re-do your entire website when a few mobile landing pages will do?
  • Mobile donation pages: call-to-donate, PayPal-ready, thumb-friendly.

Talk to us today about how we can strategize to engage you mobile donors. Connect with us using the Guide To Cornerstone Form.