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Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

Key features of a good Peer-To-Peer online tool:

  • It must be scalable
  • It must be easy and efficient to implement
  • It must be securely hosted to protect the privacy of donors and participants
  • It must have advanced integration capabilities with social media to enable donors to engage in multiple channels and tiers for a multiple group event
  • It must be out of the box and require no third party intervention
Cornerstone offers you this tool and makes it easy for you to get started by providing a fully-deployed solution. We will help you frame your event and then create it for you online.
Online personal events allow individual event hosts to create and manage personal events around significant personal or community dates such as birthdays or Earth Day without relying on you to take on extra administrative work. Event hosts create and manage their own personalized pages. They then email invitations to family and friends who can then RSVP to become donors and participants in the event.

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