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Fundraising Event Management

We’ve teamed up with Artez Interactive to offer Online Event Management to Fundraisers.

Thanks to our partnership with Artez Interactive, North America’s leading non profit organizations' fundraising software innovator, we offer the latest and newest technology and tools to help your donors and event participants give their utmost online. All of our solutions provide secure self-serve interfaces to accommodate custom reporting needs.

Key features of Artez software:

  • Delivers a bilingual experience for users (donor and participant).
  • Offers a full implementation package.
  • Automatically integrates with Cornerstone’s production process. Automatic integration eliminates the manual transfer of data occurring on an intermittent basis between systems and delivers much more information to you much quicker and with reduced operational costs.
  • A top-of-the line user experience that delivers quicker, real time feedback and messages and no pending registrations or errors, further reducing customer service issues and increasing registration completions.
  • Team events often rely on a team captain to register other team members so Artez has spent time optimizing this area of its system.  
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