Donation Processing

& Fundraising Services

Finding New Donors

Cornerstone’s List Brokerage team includes specialists in fundraising and donor data who will offer special insight into your prospecting needs.

Let us uncover lists and other media that reflect affinity to your cause. And part of the process, we'll negotiate the best pricing while meeting your delivery deadlines. Visit Prospecting to learn more about how we can find your next wave of new donors.

Enhance Your Donor Data:

Your donor list is your greatest asset. That's why Cornerstone offers world-class data verification and enhancement techniques including data cleansing, appending, change of address and duplicate identification. Visit Data Processing to learn more about how we can achieve maximum accuracy for your donor list.

Donor Trading:

Trading can be an effective way to find new donors. The secrets are not only finding the right trading partners but also keeping meticulous track of trade balances. Cornerstone's List Management Services has a fundraiser-friendly approach to keeping track of trades. 

Getting Started:

Use the Guide To Cornerstone Form to learn more about how you can benefit from all of Cornerstone's services for non profits.