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Database File Audit

Gain a greater understanding of your donors’ behaviour.

Cornerstone’s Annual Confidential File Audit will help you answer key questions about your donors and identify important trends in your Donor Database using our confidential File Audit. By comprehensively comparing your current donation results with your historical results Cornerstone’s File Audit will provide you with multi-variable trend analyses that will help you optimize your direct response program.
Our File Audit also allows you to benchmark your results against fundraising sector-specific industry averages, gleaned from the aggregated results achieved from other Cornerstone Clients.
Refine Your Donor Contact Strategy Using Key Donor Metrics:
Our File Audit will provide you with the metrics you need to make decisions about your donor programs.  These metrics include number of new donors, types of new donors, frequency of giving, average gift, conversion and renewal rates, and more. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to optimize your contact strategies to deliver higher returns.
Take Advantage of Our Flexible, Affordable Service:
Like many fundraisers, you probably don’t have the time to manipulate your data to get the insights you need. We’ll crunch the data and work with your agency or other fundraising consultants to tailor a report to meet your specific requirements. What you get is a great tool for planning and for board presentations. And, whether you’re a large non-profit or a small one, you’ll find our File Audit remarkably affordable.
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