Donation Processing

& Fundraising Services


Compliance is at the foundation of everything we do for our Clients.

 We take the trust you place in us to process your donations and provide related services very seriously.  Therefore:
  • All of our employee must pass criminal and credit background checks. These checks are undertaken by an independent third party.
  • Cornerstone maintains Level1PCI Certification status. PCI is the global security certification applied to credit card processing firms. In order to achieve this certification, Cornerstone demonstrates an exceptionally high level of security designed to minimize the risk of fraud.
Cornerstone uses a combination of organizational, physical and technological security measures to protect your data. Organizational measures include limiting access to your data and our physical processing environments on a “need-to-know” basis. Physical measures include restricted access to and video monitoring of our locked server room and video monitoring of our entire production facilities. 

Technological measures include the use of system access levels and authentications as well as firewalls and data encryption for data in transit or for highly sensitive data while at rest. Cornerstone uses a data classification policy to assign appropriate security levels to the data in our care, based on the degree of sensitivity of the data. More sensitive data is treated with the highest possible level of security.  All data that we manage on behalf of our Clients resides on servers that are physically located on a secure network and facility managed by Q9 Networks.