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About Donor Data Management

Cornerstone provides outsourced CRM managed services using some of the most popular CRMs on the market. Is Cornerstone's Managed CRM Services the right solution for you?

Often times, fundraisers find that outsourcing the management of their Donor CRM’s makes a lot of sense.

  • They don’t need to hire and retain in-house CRM expertise
  • They don’t need to hire and retain a Database Administrator
  • They don’t need to be worried about continuous upgrades to technology and other infrastructure necessary to maximize their use of their Donor CRM
  • They don’t need to worry about uploading data from various vendors
The benefits to outsourcing your CRM and donor data management to Cornerstone are:

  • Easy access to best-of-breed CRM solutions
  • Ongoing advice about leading technologies and how they can plug into your CRM
  • Reduced risks of key employees leaving, resulting in an inability to effectively use your CRM
  • Immediate access to a more responsive Help Desk than you would normally get directly from a CRM provider
  • More time to support your cause
Cornerstone currently provides CRM managed services using:

  • The Raiser’s Edge
  • Luminate Online
  • Frontstream/Artez
Our dedicated team of professionals will help you maximize the value of your donors by optimizing every aspect of your CRM in a timely, secure and efficient fashion. Learn more about finding new donors, our database file audit and compliance.