Donation Processing

& Fundraising Services

Offline Donation Processing

We quickly and accurately manage the gift transaction process – depositing gifts in your bank account and updating your database – all as part of a single process.

Processing Your Donations:

We ensure donor data accuracy by scanning all donations and coupons and attaching the resulting images to appropriate donor data records. By capturing multi-channel donor data within the same process – and updating donor data in real time – our systems allow you to view a donor's entire up-to-the-minute history at a glance.

Managing Your Receipts and Acknowledgements:

Our proprietary process provides for seamless printing and insertion of receipts and acknowledgements. Plus, our processes let your donors choose to receive receipts by either post or email. Your donors are bound to appreciate our receipt and acknowledgement system. With Cornerstone, e-receipts are sent to your donors as simple PDF attachments, eliminating the need for cumbersome links and security checks and donor service issues.

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