Donation Processing

& Fundraising Services

Lockbox & Donor Stewardship Services

We receive and process millions of pieces of donation mail each year on behalf of some of North America’s leading charities.  Our mail extraction and depositing functions are world class and we’re very proud of them.  But we do much more than this.

In conjunction with our lockbox services, which include check and coupon imaging and check 21 technologies, we provide a comprehensive suite of value-added donor stewardship services such as donor data management and donor data analytics.

Our Lockbox Benefits: Cornerstone offer highly secure processing services from the time that we pick up your donor mail to the time that we print and deliver your donor acknowledgements to the post office. Your data and source materials are always secure.

We are PCI Level 1 Compliant and re-certify each year to ensure that our systems and processes are of the highest caliber.

Our production facilities are secured with various intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Our Donor Stewardship Benefits: Efficient and cost-effective lockbox functions are critical for any charity.  What sets Cornerstone even further apart from our competition are the value-added fundraising resources that we provide after having securely processed your donation funds.  We provide donor data entry, secure donor data transfers to in-house donor databases or donor data management via 3rd party solutions such as Luminate CRM and The Raiser’s Edge, variable acknowledgement printing and myriad online donation services, all under one roof.