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About Social Media Marketing Services

Utilize the popularity and growth of social media sites to increase your brand visibility online.

You may choose to run paid advertising campaigns on social media. Our experts can help you with Facebook advertising or YouTube advertising.

A social media marketing strategy usually involves building brand awareness, increasing visibility, encouraging a dialogue, unleashing a viral marketing campaign, or selling a product or service. In a world where your customers visit social bookmarking sites, communicate with others on forums and ask advice from their social networks before they purchase a product or service, an active social media management program needs to be part of any organization’s marketing mix.

If you properly optimize your social media presence, SMO can bring you a large amount of traffic, enable your audience to easily share information with their peers, gain backlinks that help you with your SEO efforts by increasing your PR, improve your brand awareness and deliver a return on your investment. Whether you have a B2B or B2C business model, our social media consultants can help you plan, implement, monitor and measure the success of your social media strategies.

All our web marketing services including SMM, SMO, Search Engine Optimization, PPC advertising, local search engine optimization and email marketing services are offered from our company head office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From there we serve our Clients throughout Canada and the United States.

Getting Started: Use the Guide To Cornerstone Form to find out how we can help you leverage social media marketing services to boost the effectivness of your online prospecting initiatives.