Digital Marketing

SEO Tools

Proper SEO leverages a lot of tools that are available at little or no cost. 

The SEO investment you should focus on is choosing an SEO advisor that can leverage years of experience to understand your particular marketing challenges and maximize the effectiveness of SEO for you.

Cornerstone Digital makes use of a wide variety of tools in order to maximize SEO results for our Clients. Here are some of the tools we find the most valuable:

Google Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is one of the most accurate tools you can use to conduct keyword research. It helps you understand the search volume for important keyword phrases and lays out statistics on average number of monthly searches based on geography.

Google Analytics

It’s important to understand exactly how your SEO strategies are working and there are few better tools to do this than Google Analytics, a free product that gives you insights into how visitors are interacting with your website and lets you measure if you are achieving your website objectives, like increasing your sales, getting prospects to sign up for your e-newsletters, making it easy to find your store locations, or ensuring your “contact me” page is reached.

Google Tag Manager

One of the best tools you can use.  A one-time install of this script on your website pages allows you to create tagging and tracking codes all within one “bucket” without having to constantly use your internal IT or IS resources.

Google Web Master (now called Google Search Console) and Bing Webmaster Tools

These free tools from Google and Bing let webmasters monitor performance on search engines and understand how Google and Bing perceive your site.

In addition to these free SEO tools Cornerstone Digital subscribes to a variety of other tools that will enable us to optimize your website.

Contact us to discuss SEO Tools if you have any questions.