Digital Marketing

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO (Organic Search Engine Optimization) is the process of analyzing your website from a content and technical perspective.

Our team of SEO experts can perform a complete SEO audit of your website which analyzes all aspects of your website architecture to determine:

Content – we provide keyword research of actual searches to determine the best content information that you should use on your pages to meet the needs of prospects that are searching.

Title Tags – every page on your website should carry a unique Title Tag that helps search engines define the meaning and theme of the page. We tell you exactly what these Title Tags should be.

Meta Descriptions – every page should have unique and accurate Meta Descriptions as these are often picked up by Google and served as the “snippet” of information that appears on search engine results pages.

Analytics – we examine your current Analytics to ensure they are set up properly. Most sites are using Google Analytics and our team of Certified Google Analytics Specialists can check your settings, help you set up your goals and connect all campaigns so you always are able to measure results accurately.

A complete checklist of On-Page SEO changes is presented to you to ensure that your sites are search engine friendly.

Off-Page SEO is equally important to the entire SEO process. Our full service provides both.

As Search Engine Optimization usually takes a while to take effect, we also offer Search Engine Pay-per-click Advertising and Social Media Marketing Services for time sensitive projects.

To help you measure the effectiveness of your SEO initiatives, Cornerstone also offers Web Analytics services.

Our SEO services are offered from our office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From there we serve Clients throughout Canada and the United States.

Cornerstone is a Qualified Google Advertising Company.

Getting Started: Use the Guide to Cornerstone Form to find out how we can help you find customers using SEO.