Digital Marketing

Search Engine Pay-per-click Advertising Services

Put your message in front of your prospects right when they're most likely to buy.

When prospects enter a keyword that relates to a product or service into any of the popular search engines (e.g., Google), you know they're interested in your products or services; that's when you want to place your message in front of them.

Getting your search engine advertising message on the right pages can be complicated. Let Cornerstone’s PPC management service simplify your pay-per-click advertising with special services and techniques such as keyword segmentation, landing page development and bid management.

By using only targeted keywords, utilizing segmentation, and setting daily budgets as well as the maximum amount you are willing to pay per keyword, our PPC consultants can help you create higher return on investment against your online advertising budget.

With search engine pay per click advertising, you're not guessing about its effectiveness. Our detailed PPC and CPA reporting lets you measure the effectiveness of your PPC search engine promotion initiatives.

It doesn't matter where in Canada or the United States you are located. We offer pay per click advertising services (English and French) to firms, companies and agencies in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, New York, Washington and Atlanta. Use the Guide To Cornerstone Form to contact us about specific ways we can leverage our PPC management solutions and appraisal services to boost the effectiveness of your prospecting initiatives.

Cornerstone is a Qualified Google Advertising Company.