Digital Marketing

Google Advertising Company

Cornerstone Digital is among a select group of organizations that are Qualified Google Advertising companies (recently renamed Google AdWords Certified Partner).

Through its Google Advertising Professionals (GAP) program, Google offers AdWords professionals or companies who meet specific criteria the opportunity to achieve Qualified Google AdWords Company or Individual designation.

Before the introduction of this program, there was no way for customers to be certain that the individuals who offer Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign management services were actually qualified. Even though having Google Advertising Qualification is not an official Google endorsement of particular AdWords Advertising Professionals, it is a good indication that qualified Professionals have met and maintain Google's criteria.

To help you better understand your ROI on your Google advertising and how it compares to your other marketing initiatives (e.g., Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-mail Marketing, Web Advertising, Social Media Marketing), we also offer Google Analytics Services. Contact our Google Advertising Professionals about specific ways in which you can leverage pay-per-click search engine advertising services to boost your website traffic and the effectiveness of your prospecting initiatives.

Our Google Advertising services are offered from our office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From there we serve Clients throughout Canada and the United States.