Digital Marketing

Mobile Advertising

The number of people who are using mobile devices to access online sites is increasing exponentially.

Cornerstone Digital is a leader in helping advertisers present mobile advertising to targeted prospects.
It’s estimated that almost 20% of people accessing your website are doing so on mobile devices so you need to be ready, and Cornerstone helps you achieve your mobile presence in many ways:

Mobile Analytics – our Web Analytics team helps you define and understand how many people are reaching you on mobile devices – and which ones, such as iPhones, Androids, or tablet devices.

Mobile Search – increasingly prospects are using their smart phones to search. Your Google ad campaigns need to be optimized for a mobile experience.

Mobile In App Advertising – your targeted ads can be seen by millions of prospects in mobile in-app campaigns designed by Cornerstone.
Our web advertising services are offered from our office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From there we serve Clients throughout Canada and the United States.

Use the Guide To Cornerstone Form to learn how we can put your web advertising on the pages that make the best strategic sense.