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Predictive Modeling

Cornerstone's Modeling & Analytics experts are equipped to enhance your targeting.

Our predictive modeling techniques deliver highly efficient campaigns and help you stay ahead of your competition. In addition to your data, Cornerstone has access to a unique collection of third-party data sources that increase the breadth and depth of information about your prospects and customers. 

Our unique Data Integration and Processing techniques accurately and scientifically link data and individuals from various sources and bring highly granular data into our predictive modeling and analytics. Cornerstone’s Agile Database Solution enables access to exclusive data in a variety of ways, such as creation of consistent individual ID's and development of solicitation history. 

Our predictive modeling combines a strong intellectual knowledge of different industries with various approaches such as regression, statistics, neural networks, decision trees and other data mining tools. We exploit patterns of current and historic facts to make predictions about the future. 

We provide comprehensive post-analyses and deep-dive evaluations of past campaigns to identify niche opportunities to further improve your campaigns. We recommend ways to improve the success of your campaigns by evaluating your targeting, your offer, and your communication channels.

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