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Campaign Optimization

Optimizing your campaigns means more customers.

As the world of marketing evolves towards price wars and omni-channel marketing, selling your products and services has never been more challenging. You still have to figure out the best combination of passive (i.e. mass) communications and active (i.e. direct) communications, but the channels available to you are more fragmented, and the speed of data flow has increased.

Cornerstone’s Campaign Optimization tools and techniques improve your budget-spend and campaign efficiency:

  • Volume Optimization – Evaluation of the spread of an offer across the year
  • Offer Optimization – A scientific tool to allocate your target market to various offers
  • Pricing Optimization – Increase returns by matching price incentives to individuals who would not respond otherwise
  • Channel Optimization – Selection of the best channel per individual based on historic patterns of interaction
Although optimization does not explicitly require predictive models, in tandem they work best to improve results. Learn about our Strategic Analytics.