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Database Design & Architecture

Database design experts construct big data solutions.

Whether you arrive at Cornerstone with big data, or data structured, semi-structured or unstructured, our team is ready to help enhance your database and maximize your campaign performance.

Our key architectural components:

  • We have fully functional, system-ready databases and interfaces that we build on site. Our quality assurance experts are ready to handle unique requirements, including online or call centre interfaces.
  • Our technology is based on a SAS DataFlux platform. Its fuzzy logic data hygiene technology is rated as the best system internationally.
  • We use the best industry tools to help build you 360 degree customer or prospect centric models.
  • We offer full data lineage and traceability on all data hierarchy levels and persistent keys, including individual, household and Client internals.
  • Our Data Enhancing and Data Content Quality Scoring techniques create the highest quality contact data.
  • Data cleansing and standardization is processed in DataFlux technology for additional data content security.
  • We offer two types of National Change of Address databases, Canada Post  and US Postal NCOA and our own state-of-the-art NCOA module.

Using our data quality control and profiling techniques, we will organize your data into multi-level views such as:

  • Individual data
  • Household data
  • Address data
  • Business-to-business data
  • Other unique types of data
Customers can be tracked by individual details, household address, phone, email and any other unique data source. We will work with the information you have to design a database that will achieve your goals. We use a Stage Gate Methodology and Business Process Management for all our projects.

Getting Started: Use the Guide to Cornerstone Form to find out how we can help you find and keep good customers using our Agile Database Solution.