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Merge and Flag Process

Avoid the financial and credibility costs of marketing to duplicate records.

Cornerstone is a certified SAS partner and utilizes SAS's powerful DataFlux tool to combine lists from multiple data sources and identify duplicate records.This is critical to the success of your marketing campaigns as it reduces your costs and increases your credibility by ensuring that you only mail to unique individuals.

DataFlux is an industry leader in data hygiene. It offers speed, flexibility and quality. Utilizing DataFlux and combining its best of breed technology with Cornerstone’s business rules and experience provides a multi-channel state-of-the-art data cleansing platform.

Sensitivity Level Matching:

During data processing, match codes are generated according to specified rules, match definition and sensitivity level. The sensitivity level is a value between 0 and 99 that determines the amount of information that is captured in the match code. Changing the sensitivity level enables you to change what is considered a match. This is extremely important (one of the primary differences and between Cornerstone and other Data Management Service providers) as we are able to adjust the sensitivity based on type of record (i.e., sources and suppressions) and levels of data inputs (e.g., individual, company, household).

Cornerstone has the ability to create a different set of match codes based on an Address Type ID and/or incoming source (prospect vs. customer) using name and address components. Our matching process is flexible and it can be modified/adjusted to include additional components such as Client ID, phone number, credit bureau unique ID, etc.

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