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Do Not Solicit Services

Ensuring you can meet your compliance requirements and your customer's expectations.

Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) ‘Do Not Contact’ List:

This service enables you to suppress consumers who do not wish to receive unsolicited mail. Suppressing these records helps you focus your marketing efforts on individuals who offer better potential as leads or prospects. You’ll improve your response rates and lower your costs.

Do Not Call Management Solutions:

Canadian consumers can register their phone numbers with Canada's National Do Not Call List (NDNCL list here) and telemarketers must ensure that these consumers are excluded from their call files. With significant penalties for non-compliance, there are costly financial as well as reputational risks for companies who skip this step. Ask about our various Do Not Call Management Solutions – both online and integrated versions:

Batch Processing Solution – available online:

Using our convenient online solution, telemarketers can submit a file of telephone numbers and determine which numbers are available to call and which numbers should be suppressed. This cost-effective, efficient service allows you to get on with your telemarketing campaigns while minimizing risk.

Individual Look-up Solution - available online:

Agents and direct sales representatives need a way to check if a number is "callable" prior to placing a call. Cornerstone's internet-based solution allows your field agents or customer representatives to check numbers against the National Do Not Call list in real-time.

Customer Privacy Database Solutions – integrated into your campaign:

Our Do Not Call Services Solution also allows Canadian Telemarketers to include their own privacy suppression databases. Through this completely integrated service, you can commit to not only meeting your legal requirements but also building your brand by respecting your customers' and prospects' preferences.

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