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Deceased Record Flagging

Increase the success of your fundraising campaigns by identifying deceased records before you mail.

The cost of mailing to current and prospective donors is high but the cost of mailing to deceased donors includes both a financial cost to you as well as an emotional cost to families. As part of our suite of data cleansing services, Cornerstone is pleased to introduce a new service to help you identify records, that you might otherwise mail, of people no longer living.

Access to a Comprehensive Database of over 1 Million Deceased Individuals:

Our proprietary service allows you to scrub your mailing file against a comprehensive database of over 1 million deceased.

Enjoy Cost Savings while Avoiding Painful Reminders:

By identifying deceased individuals you can eliminate them from your mailings. With match rates from 1-4%, our service enables you to improve your ROI by avoiding wasted printing and postage costs while improving your response rates. And you can avoid upsetting family members with a painful reminder of their loss.

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