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Data Products: Universe Canada™ and Info-direct™

Access Canada's most comprehensive consumer and business databases.

Thanks to licensing agreements with Canadian white pages and telecommunication companies, Cornerstone delivers access to Info-direct™ and Universe Canada™, two of Canada's best large-volume national consumer and business data resources for direct response and database marketing and prospecting.

Our licensing agreements let us source consumer and business address and phone listings electronically, making us the only data company that can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate databases of Canadian consumers and businesses to support your targeted customer acquisition needs. Info-direct™ and Universe Canada™ are available for one-time list rentals or for multi-use annual licenses.  

Offering a Range of Data Products:

Cornerstone offers Universe Canada™ and Info-direct™ in a range of indispensable data products, each custom designed to meet your specific needs (direct response acquisition campaigns, telemarketing, database marketing, lookup and verification). These products include:


Info-direct™ consists of consolidated data feed of telephone directory listings. Only Cornerstone electronically receives these telephone directory listings each month from the telecommunication, telephone and/or telephone directory companies. In fact, Info-direct is the only national consumer database that contains information updated every month, directly from the source.

Info-direct™ EnhanceScan:

With Info-direct™ EnhanceScan, we add more than 1.4 million additional records to Info-direct™  with scanned listings from telephone directories published by other third-party telecommunications companies and directory publishers.

Info-direct™ Data Products:

Info-direct™ is available either for list rental, or in the form of special licensed data products. These products are hosted by your for specified business uses such as consumer prospecting and marketing, and verification and append, and are available updated either monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Info-direct™ Online :

Info-direct™ ONLINE is a secure internet-based database and lookup tool (including reverse address and phone lookup) that makes single record consumer crosschecks and lookups instantaneous. The application allows users to quickly and accurately identify or verify name and telephone and address information of Canadian consumers and businesses. Search listings by name, address, phone number or postal code, making reverse address and phone lookups swift and easy. Lookup results can be sorted by column, wildcards can be used to expand your search criteria.  And, you can refine your search by city, use our Parent/Child city search feature and click on a Google Maps link.

Cornerstone's Universe Canada™ Master List :

Building upon our strong Info-direct™ products by adding recency, frequency and monetary data, demographic overlays and other privacy-compliant information sourced from other Cornerstone's Clients, creating an unparalleled source of data for prospecting, modeling and customer analytics.

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