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OMNI is the first and only consumer database in Canada that lets marketers pre-select their best prospect audience and then market to them in both offline and online channels.
How was OMNI built?

OMNI combines the customer databases of some of Canada’s most prominent and successful daily deal and promotional coupon and survey sites with Cornerstone Telco partner data. Together it gives advertisers millions of consumer records containing name, address, telephone number and email addresses.

What does that mean for advertisers?

Advertisers can target prospects based on a variety of customer segments such as Gender, Geography, and Interests and then send them an offer by any or all channels including Email, Direct Mail, Facebook Advertising, Online Display advertising and even Unaddressed Mail.

Suppress existing customers

One of the huge advantages that OMNI provides is the ability to use merging and suppression techniques to identify your existing customers so that they are not shown any of your ads - even on Facebook or Online Display Ads.

To learn more about OMNI please contact our Senior Vice President of Cornerstone Don Lange at 416-932-9555 x 2141 or