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Drive successful direct mail prospecting campaigns with our industry expertise.

Direct mail remains popular because it works. Cornerstone is one of the largest list brokerage businesses in North America. We continuously take a leading role in researching new lists, alternative media and databases in both Canada and the United States. A key Cornerstone competence is research. We focus extensively on updating information on existing lists, researching new list opportunities and ensuring all lists that we broker are privacy-compliant.

With detailed and up-to-date information on every mailing list, we will recommend the best combination of mailing lists for you based on continuation usage, available selects, universe, source, pricing, update schedules and reputations of the list owners.
We base our list recommendations on affinity to your product or service, past list performance and other insights that come from our exhaustive experience in the direct marketing industry. As a result, you will launch your direct mail campaigns armed with list plans that include a well-defined list rental budget and a list-by-list insider’s perspective.  
Our approach to recommending test lists is always based on list quality. We believe in testing a few good core lists in every campaign, analyzing results and then applying knowledge to future campaigns. This approach ensures better overall response rates and ROI.

Other Media

Of course, there are many other marketing channels. Cornerstone has extensive experience in each.

Alternative Media: Cornerstone can recommend other media solutions such as Free Standing Inserts, Package Inserts and other opportunities that will help you to reach new prospects.

E-mail: Draw on our experience with hundreds of e-mail campaigns to ensure flawless execution of your e-mail prospecting campaign. 

Web Advertising: We sift through millions of websites to find the best places for your web advertising, then handle all of the other details to ensure your message is received by likely new customers.

Search Engine Advertising: Cornerstone's unique search engine advertising services put your message in front of your prospects right when they're most likely to buy. 

Getting Started: Use our Guide To Cornerstone Form and start finding leads today.