Data Products

& List Services

Prospecting For New Customers

Regardless of marketing channel, we will equip you with the right data for customer prospecting.

We find you data or lists for prospecting via the following channels:

Direct Mail

Planning a DM campaign?  Our dedicated List Brokers can help you find the perfect lists from thousands of vertical list rentals.

Want to reach an even larger and more targeted audience for your DM campaign? Maybe one that is integrated with many other channels? Our data advisors can help you to create a data package that is customized just for you - with access to our Universe Canada, Info-Direct and multi-channel OMNI data products. 


Are you finding that TM is the right channel for your marketing approach? We can help you uncover the best lists for this channel with the help of our TM List Brokers.

Need to reach even larger groups of individuals? Our TM data from our Universe Canada and Info-Direct products might be the most cost effective option for you.


Want to find the precise audience for your email campaigns? Our email list brokers will recommend the best CASL compliant lists on the market. We can help guide you through all of your email rental decision making.

Interested in performing a larger more in depth email campaign? One that connects all of your channels together to create a holistic experience for your prospect? Our OMNI data product consists of compiled email data that is continuously growing and allowing marketers to prospect through email to an engaged audience who has opt-ed in for email communications from third-parties.


Imagine being able to target your audience through Facebook, Email, Telemarketing, Display and Unaddressed Direct Mail all at once?

Now your brand can reach your prospects through their multi-channel experiences with the new Cornerstone OMNI product.