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    Dental Corporation Appoints Cornerstone as Search Marketing Agency


    The Cornerstone Group of Companies proudly announced today that it has been selected to provide search engine marketing (SEM) services for Dental Corporation of Canada.

    "We chose Cornerstone in order to consolidate our search campaigns across all of our dental practice Partners. Cornerstone has the expertise, experience and comprehensive reporting that we require to move our business forward in the competitive digital landscape,” commented Julia Croll, Director, Marketing.

    "We are so thrilled to be working with Dental Corporation as they continue to grow across Canada. They are an innovative and exciting organization and we look forward to a long partnership,” said Cornerstone Senior Vice President Don Lange.

    In addition to SEM work, Cornerstone will also be providing both search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics support.

    About Dental Corporation:

    Dental Corporation is focused on acquiring and partnering with leading, growth-oriented general and specialist dental practices throughout Canada. The Company's unique business model allows its Dentist Partners to retain their clinical, professional and operating autonomy while Dental Corporation, as their business partner, provides comprehensive strategic expertise and tactical resources to support their growth. This, allows Dental Corporation Dentist Partners to focus their energy on delivering optimal patient care.

    For further information on Dental Corporation, please visit

    About the Cornerstone Group of Companies:

    The Cornerstone Group of Companies provides prospecting and database management products and services to some of the leading organizations in the world. Our Digital Marketing business provides marketers with complete internet marketing support including pay per click search engine marketing, search optimization, analytics, e-mail marketing and web advertising.

    For more information on Cornerstone products and services, please contact Cornerstone Communications, at (416) 932-9555 ext. 2389 or

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