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    Cornerstone Names New Product "Agile Database Solution"


    As Database Marketers become increasingly focused on high-performing marketing information systems and the best analytical techniques to use in their data integration processes, Cornerstone Group of Companies has announced a re-brand of its marketing database solution calling it the Cornerstone Agile Database Solution.

    The solution readily collects data from an unlimited number of communication channels or databases and facilitates deep dive analytics, functional reports and models.  It is different from traditional marketing data warehouses as it provides marketers with a less rigid, more dynamic and quicker-time-to-build data management solution that handles varying degrees of structured and unstructured data.

    “Cornerstone’s Agile Database Solution is a new way to quickly work with information in a flexible environment that is catered to a user’s needs”, said Julio Tavares, Vice President, Cornerstone Database Marketing & Insights.
    In addition to introducing its Agile Database Solution, Cornerstone is accumulating many valuable attribute data sources that Marketers can seamlessly integrate into their Agile Database to enhance their prospect information and perform analytics.

    Interested in how Cornerstone Agile Database can work for you? Contact us at today.

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