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    Cornerstone Launches E-Newsletters


    Cornerstone Group of Companies is excited to announce the launch of a series of e-newsletters in 2016 that will focus on updating our Clients on a range of topics of relevance to them in their jobs. They will cover news specific to Cornerstone’s 4 businesses - Data Products & List Services, Database Marketing & Insights, Digital Marketing and Donation Processing & Fundraising Services. 

    “Our Clients deserve to be the first to know about the exciting things Cornerstone is developing. Through our e-newsletters we will share products we’re building, service enhancements we’re adding, events we’re attending, talks we’re giving, thought leadership articles and other important updates” said Jamie Lehman, Cornerstone’s Manager of Communications.

    In addition to sending e-newsletters to our Clients, Cornerstone is also offering to send them to any marketers or fundraisers who are interested in learning more about what Cornerstone does. Are you a marketer or fundraiser who is facing a data-related challenge? Contact Cornerstone if you would like to see a specific subject addressed in any of our upcoming e-newsletters and subscribe today!

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    Cornerstone Data Products & List Services Newsletter
    Cornerstone Database Marketing & Insights Newsletter
    Cornerstone Digital Marketing Newsletter
    Cornerstone Donation Processing & Fundraising Services Newsletter

    About Cornerstone:

    Cornerstone Database Marketing & Insights

    Helps you improve your marketing campaigns by providing you with products and services that manage, analyze and enhance your prospecting and donor data.

    Cornerstone Donation Processing & Fundraising Services

    Helps you control your donation processing costs and improve your interactions with donors by providing you with outsourced on and offline donation processing and management services.

    Cornerstone Digital Marketing

    Helps you better promote your products and services online by providing you with an integrated set of SEM, SEO, email, Social Media, Analytics and other Digital Services.

    Cornerstone Data Products & List Services

    Helps you contact or verify Canadian consumers and businesses by providing you with the most comprehensive set of names, addresses, phone numbers and emails anywhere.

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