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The original content marketers – publishers of magazines and newsletters can now speak directly to their prospects and subscribers through so many different channels. Whether promoting digital editions, print editions or specialized apps, Publishers have ever-growing challenges to get their subject matter front and centre.

With specific editorial messages and target audiences, it’s imperative that publishers consistently get in front of their best prospects with offers that appeal to their category interest. And, equally important is that they sustain their relationship with their customers by providing ongoing relevant communication.
Solutions For Publishers:

Cornerstone has the perfect mix of acquisition and retention tools to ensure that publishers can find and keep loyal content consumers.
Online acquisition strategies including search marketing, online display ads and social media advertising.

Website optimization – that ensures that publishers’ websites are found when relevant keyword phrases are searched.
Database marketing – that gives insights into the demographics and psychographic of subscribers.
Email marketing – with one-one-one communication that delivers the most relevant subject matter based on the profiles of individual readers.
Direct mail list targeting – that find like-minded prospects on targeted mailing lists.
Direct mail list management – to help monetize subscribers by bringing Publishers vetted and quality-conscious offers from non-competitive advertisers.

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