Cornerstone By Industry

Our mandate to help our Clients find and keep good customers transcends across all industries. However we understand that some industries have unique requirements and we have tailored our services accordingly.

To complement our mandate with all Clients to support the acquisition and retention of customers, we have made sure that we have particularly immersed ourselves within certain industries so that we understand the culture, the legal requirements, the nuances and the challenges that companies in these industries face.

Cornerstone has solid and proven experience in many industries. Here are just a few:

Financial Services
We provide solutions for banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, investment companies and more.

Not-for-profit organizations turn to Cornerstone for offline and online donation processing, and related services.

Whether it is Consumer or business; on-line or print, Cornerstone offers a wide range of services for the Publishing sector.

Retailers turn to Cornerstone to support online acquisition, social media and email deployment.

Consumer Services
We provide key services to organizations offering memberships, pharmaceuticals, grocery and more.