Why Marketers Need A Privacy Compliant Data Partner


When it comes to marketing acquisition, some of the big questions we hear from our Clients are:

1. Who are our customers?
2. How do we find them?
3. Another company has customers we want. Could there be an opportunity to partner with them? Or, if that is not an option, how do we get information to better market to these individuals?

What do all of these questions have in common? A strong need for data, with the third question reflecting the competitive landscape marketers are facing and how they are responding with outside-the-box thinking.

“We offer comprehensive data products to our Clients for prospecting and granular overlay data for modeling fed into an agile, multi-channel database solution” says VP of Database Marketing & Insights, Julio Tavares, “But we are also a resource to many organizations looking to leverage data partnerships with fellow organizations”.

For example, if two separate companies have come to a data marketing agreement that benefits each respective party, another impartial 3rd party is required by law to act as an intermediary between the two companies as they embark on any sort of data exchange. Or, if a company can’t legally access people’s information without their consent, it may need to find a way to enhance its information about individuals, other than through traditional census overlays, in a legally compliant way. Cornerstone has played the role of middleman partner and data provider to some of North America’s largest marketers for many years. We have the experience of handling data, managing various PIPEDA compliant processes from the raw data through to campaign execution, relieving organizations of data processing heavy-lifting and privacy concerns.

As the data of today grows, data sensitivity issues multiply. Organizations are held to high standards of customer protection responsibilities. Here are the keys to ensuring that your data marketing partnerships occur seamlessly and without any legal infringements:


Make sure the partners you use to facilitate a data exchange have a history of these types of relationships and the legal issues associated with them.


Overlaying information geographically (postal code, census) is easy.  Using advanced data perturbation techniques requires a more advanced skill set.


Ask your partner about how they handle internal compliance. For instance, consulting and service organizations that have best practices as a standard will be certified as SOC 2 Type II and PCI DSS compliant by external auditors.  There are 5 categories in Soc 2 Type II certifications - ask about this as well.

Cornerstone Database Marketing & Insights can help you to improve your marketing campaigns by providing you with products that manage, analyze, and enhance your prospecting and customer data. Learn more about how we can act as your dedicated data middleman when you partner up with other organizations and use their information. Or, find out more about our multi-channel data and how you can license it for your acquisition endeavors.

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