Our History

Our History

Cornerstone is a story of listening to customers and responding to their needs. We began in 1987, operating out of a shared office in mid-town Toronto.  Our CEO, Ossie Hinds had been working for a large marketing and communications company that invested in start-up direct mail businesses. One of his jobs was to order mailing lists for new ventures.  After working with many list brokers in Canada and the United States, Ossie believed he could do better by combining an absolute commitment to service with leading technology and innovation. So, he started Cornerstone.

Marketers in Canada and the United States embraced Cornerstone’s passion for Client service and innovation.  After first ordering mailing lists through Cornerstone, they started to ask if we would offer other services, such as list management and data processing.  Our answer was a resounding YES!  We invested in people and technology to deliver these services on time and with quality.

Over the past quarter of a century we have continued to focus on providing our Clients with world-class customer acquisition and retention products and services. Today we are one of North America’s largest suppliers of:

We employ over 200 people in our offices in Canada and the United States.  Still, our mission remains as it was in 1987 - to help our Clients find and keep good customers.  

Getting Started: Use our Guide to Cornerstone Form to learn how we can help you find and keep good customers.